Letter from the President

Dear friends,

HMMC, the Healthcare Manufacturers Management Council, is a U.S. trade association whose members are manufacturers of wide variety of healthcare products. We make medical supplies used in all points of care.

Healthcare providers, government agencies and medical supply chain participants across the nation are now searching for supply sources outside of their normal partner relationships, and in many cases don’t know where to turn.

To meet this need, HMMC has established a COVID-19 Supply Exchange on our website. Members and non-members of HMMC can list their company contact info and the products they have to offer to address COVID-19 needs, which providers and agencies can browse.

Alternatively, healthcare providers, government agencies, and first responder organizations can post their contact info and list the COVID-19 needs they have, in an effort to match supply and demand opportunities outside of established relationships.

Beyond creating the Supply Source Exchange to match suppliers with those in need on the frontlines, HMMC will be utilizing this space to provide resources to aid medical manufacturers in navigating the crisis from inception, through the rebound and recovery phases. This includes relevant guidance, a centralized listing of contact information of Emergency Management Teams in all 50 States, and educational Webinars.

Due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the decision to make this resource available to both HMMC members and non-members. We hope you find this resource useful and, if so, will consider joining HMMC.

Janis Dezso

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